Leather Clothing - Changing With Fashion Trends

Leather is often associated only with 'fashion' in the modern world. People have forgotten the long road that leather, yes leather has taken to be considered as somewhat of a luxury. Leather and humans have been hand in hand from the beginning of a 'civilized' world. I say 'civilized' because when man started to hunt he used leather to cover his body and keep him warm. It will not be wrong if I say that one of the early uses of leather was seen in a type of shoe known as the Areni-1 shoe. Leather has been since been used in things from weapons to items of daily use.

The transition of leather into the fashion industry was seamless at least to a common man's opinion. In the 18th century when cowboys became common, leather was associated with their attire. Later it became somewhat of a trend from cowboy boots to cowboy jackets. With the onset of subcultures like punk, Goth or motorcyclists leather, particularly leather jackets became a fashion symbol. Leather gained its popularity in the fashion industry primarily through films, in one word Hollywood. With leather jackets, trousers made of leather, gloves, boots all these were the primary focus of clothing manufacturers at the time. In the 1800's prim and proper long leather jackets were worn by people of higher ranks as a symbol of fashion and status. Hats, corsets, blouses and gloves were worn by women seen as being fashionable. In the 1900's leather had made its way a whole lot deeper in fashion. Ball gowns for women were now also adorned with leather. The impact of leather grew a whole lot more at the start of 2000. With time leather has made way into a lot of trends. Where at first it was used rather sparingly, it is now used as the main material in a lot of clothes.

Leather is now used in the fashion industry in a number of ways. It is interesting to see that it is used to symbolize extremes for e.g. leather clothing is used to symbolize both feminity and masculinity. It is now used to make dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, and scarves, almost anything you can think of. Leather can now be seen quite often on ramps with entire collections designed around it. Like mentioned earlier, at the turn of the century, leather came to the forefront of fashion with a bang. We can see women adorned in leather leggings that add a pop of fierce to the entire outfit or leather skirts that can light up a dull day like fireworks in the night sky. With emerging fashion trends, the traditional black and brown colors usually associated with leather, are being replaced by much brighter colors like red or yellow. Formal dresses have been made with leather in these bright colors that are a statement in themselves. Another unusual development in the leather industry has been the use of leather in lingerie. Bralettes made out of leather are worn under tank tops or sheer shirts where they add a pop of 'sexy' to an otherwise bland outfit. Biker jackets have also been frequently seen and are a big fashion statement in today's world.

To gather up this piece of writing, leather is now everywhere, from formal to fierce and everything in between. We can't even think of a single day without leather wear.