Black Bomber Jacket

The classical leather jacket: What is the classic look

There are many classical leather jackets in the market. A classic leather jacket gives the wearer the classy and cool look. The classic leather jackets were inspired by actors and musicians of the 80s and 90s.The style which this classic jacket was designed has influence the fashion trend.

However, the outstanding thing about this classic leather jackets is that they have been in for several years and still they manage to make fashion statement. Classic leather jackets are timeless and can be worn without any season without compromising the fashion. Here is a review of top classic Leather jackets.

Bomber Leather Jacket

The history of black bomber jacket dates back to 1900 during the World War I, the black bomber jacket has evolved over the years. It originated from Britain then spread to the USA. The Americans designed theirs which was more sophisticated. The black bomber jacket were initially designed tough military garments for the pilot soldiers who were exposed to extreme conditions, thus this jacket was used to protect them. However, in the recent years the bomber jackets were designed for fashion. The Indiana Jones is a good example of a bomber style jacket which was used in the movie “The Raiders of The Lost Ark”

Johnny Strabler Biker Leather Jacket

The movie “The Wild One” was acted by Johnny Strabler as the character Brando. Brando popularized this jacket which is mainly used by bad boys characters in movies. Furthermore, the black leather jacket is seen with popular icons like James Dean and Bruce Springsteen and many more. The classic jacket has a trademark Perfecto and Johnny. This leather jacket is still one of the trending jackets in the fashion industry.

Thriller Leather Jacket

The Michael Jackson’s Thriller leather jacket is one of the classic leather jackets. He wore this jacket in 1983 during the shooting of the movie “Thriller” .The real MJ’s thriller jacket was action for $1.8million.The thriller leather jacket is one of the most sought after jacket in the market because it’s unique and classy. The red and black thriller jacket was designed by Deborah Landis.

James Dean’s Baracuta Style

James dean the actor in the movie “Rebel Without A Cause” made an iconic statement. The James Dean is a classic leather jacket which is worn by motorcycle riders. His death in an accident made a connection between speed, rebellion and danger. The movie caused youths to be associated with rebellious groups in the USA, especially the riders.

McQueen Leather Jackets

Steve McQueen was one of the greatest and the highly paid actors in his time. He was nick named “The King Of Cool”. His Trademark the McQueen Leather jacket, is one of the America Classic. The leather jacket gave him a masculine and rugged look, which was perfect for the role he played in movies. He played as a no nonsense character in movies, this style together with his character made him one of the greatest superstars of all time. The Steve McQueen leather jacket will give the wearer a classic, stylish look.

The racketeer Jacket

The brownish racketeer jacket is a classic leather jacket which was introduced by the movie “The Racketeer” The classic jacket was worn by Cliff Secord. The jacket is one of the best because of superior craftmaship, which ensures not only ensures durability but also make it fashionable for a many years.