Shearling Jacket

What's important to pay attention to while buying a shearling jacket

Since the very beginning, human beings have been fashioning coats and jackets out of animal skins to protect themselves of the cold climate. Since forever, sheep have been one of the best suppliers of the best quality wool/pelts. Shearling is another name for sheepskin, but the right quality of shearling comes from the skin of young lamb. Now the question most people would be asking is how and why is it different? Well the sheepskin has a little rough touch as compared to the shearling that is softer.

On the other hand, the shearling coats/jackets are not only soft, but amazingly warm. Thus, any shearling coat that costs you higher than the usual is a perfectly safe investment. The two biggest suppliers of shearling skin are Spain and Iceland. The creation and manufacturing process of shearling made garments is a long process. Due to the complicated manufacturing process, along with careful pattern and cut making, the prices of these jackets/coats are higher than the normal leather coats or jackets.

Once you have decided to purchase a shearling jacket, there things you should consider.

First of all, there are a few characteristics of shearling coats you must remember:

-          They are rugged and strong as compared to other fabrics

-          They are warmer, but softer

-          They are lighter in weight

-          They are water resistant/repelling

So the first thing you have to do before actually testing the quality of a shearling jacket is to make certain of these characteristics. Ask your manufacture to show you the best quality shearling jacket that is water resistant. To ask about this quality of the wool is important because most mixed fabrics will not provide you this quality, leaving snow or water stains on the fabric which completely destroys your investment. An original shearling jacket brushes off the water and snow without leaving spots and stains. Also, it maintains the body temperature by blocking the air spaces, however wicking away the moisture, keeping you free of perspiration. 

Many companies these days are giving away sheepskin jackets in the name of shearling jackets. As mentioned above, shearling jackets are made of young lamb skin which is softer and lighter. To make sure you are purchasing the right shearling jacket, check the weight and softness of the jacket. It has to be lighter and softer than the usual sheepskin leather jackets.

Lastly, there are two types of shearling coats. One has more layers of wool which makes it suitable for the extreme winter climates. Second type has a lighter lining of wool designed for the moderate climate. You have to carefully pick the coat right for your climatic condition; otherwise it will be of no use to you. Although most manufacturers claim that a shearling coat can adjust to both extremes of climate, they are confusing you with the quality of sheepskin. Shearling jackets are warmer than sheepskin, which makes sheepskin suitable for a moderate as well as extreme temperature (depending on how much moisture resistant it is)

Because of the cost, these jackets are mostly purchase once in a lifetime. And as the investment has to be made only once, careful considerations can make it worthwhile. Whatever budget you have, and from whichever company you buy from, have rest assured and you will find the right shearling as per your needs.