Brown Leather Belt

Leather accessories- The classic brown belt and its new trends

There is so much to like about leather accessories. It’s one of those elegant pieces that you can add to your clothing whether casual or formal.  If you have the knack for coming up with interestingattire because of a simple accessory like a brown leather belt, you’ll probably not run out of exciting things to wear all year round. Belts can create curves and define your waist to make you look more urbane. Moreover, you can improve your style by enhancing your assets with the appropriate use of belts. Do you love the simplicity of a brown coloured belt? Let’s find out the new trends in dressing up your wardrobe with a timeless leather accessory.

Power dressing continues to prove its worth whether you’re lounging near the poolside or dining alfresco. Belts give out a style statement past your every day usual wear. With every change in season from summer to winter, small leather accessories like belt are chic to wear from day till night.

The runways are graced with dresses with fancy details that pull it altogether resulting in an elegantly defined midriff. Ruched and well-coordinated belts are the new trends for this season. If you love dresses whether for casual or corporate dressing, you’d definitely want to adorn the latest styles with a matching belt.

The classic brown belt goes well with your high-waist floral skirts and cropped blouses. A cinched waist always look chic yet the cut out features on dresses gives a new twist to the usual look. It downplays the emphasis on small waist yet appears to be stylish with semi-circle or triangular cut dresses. You can cleverly place your brown leather belt on the cool colours and textures of this season for a more feminine touch.

The classic brown leather belt looks clean, functional and practical for every day use. If you are not so experimental with fashion, sticking to classic pieces is the best way to blend in the constantly changing new crazes. Although wearing extraordinary frills can sometimes give you the power to go beyond beautiful, a small mistake can ruin it all. It’s great to accessorize without looking too playful by opting for lighter shades to contrast with your dark coloured piece.

Did you know that you could wear your classic belt in brown shade with almost any bottoms? The slim silhouette trousers in neutral beige can look formal with a two-inch leather belt. Slim pants that don’t hug your leg too tight looks more polished than those that limit your movement. Tapered pants in plaid slightly rolled look preppy with a brown belt with one-inch width. These types of slacks look just right with its hems falling slightly near your ankle.

If you are more daring, try one of those brightly coloured pants that look just fine with a classic belt in brown. If you are more traditional, simply stick to your denim jeans that look good with a brown leather belt whether dark or faded. If you’re headed to the beach come next summer, you can prettify your cotton twill pants with a braided brown leather belt.

Going from one place to another is a lot more fun and exciting when yourecreate your outfit with different accessories. Having one classic leather piece whether a bag, jacket, shoes or a belt can make you look more stunning in seconds.