Mens Leather Belts

The must have new trends in leather belts this summer

In an extremely creative and dynamic world of fashion, choosing mens leather belts can just be a mere number of choices. If there’s one thing about men’s accessories, the primal instinct goes to the neutrals. The designs and shades for gentlemen are usually subdued and classic. Picking a colourful belt for the summer does not go the same with men. Women’s accessories have the widest selection of colours and designs. Since the hottest colours of the summer are all over the city, sand and sea, women give in to a little whimsy with bright coloured shades. Let’s get our hats and shades ready and explore the world outside for this summer’s ‘must have’ in leather belts.

The town is painted with exuberant colours

The mix and match of flamboyant colours make way for statement dressing to another limits. You can finally give in to your peculiar side and let it shine this season by blending unusual colours of belts into your outfit. Before the summer is gone completely, why not try the bright colours of orange, green, pink and yellow braided leather belts? Belts in sparkling candy colours goes well with your dresses, skirts and shorts in neutral palettes of brown and camel. These belts look chic when matched with your thong leather sandal straps.

Men can take a dip into these splashes of energetic colours by choosing the hottest colours for their shirts or slacks and match them with the usual brown leather belt.

There’s one at every corner

Men can look more dapper with white cotton twill shorts or pants under the scorching summer heat with slightly thinner braided belts in brown shade. Take a walk on the sandy beach decked in an all white ensemble with only your belt giving the colour.

At the office, your pantsuits, slacks or trousers go well with the usual brown or black leather belt with buckles that matches with your wristwatch. If your timepiece has a leather strap, coordinating your belt with its shade or exotic leather material can work just as perfectly.

Mens leather belts look manlier in wide sizes. The thin ones are usually more feminine but can look good with men as well. Since you are strictly in corporate attire, play it safe with gold or silver buckles.

Work hard, play hard

Are you passionate about motorcycles and rock music? You can change your look over the summer weekends with leather belts designed for bike enthusiasts or rock musicians. Vintage leathers also look good with belts to show off your unique character. There are reversible belts and separate buckles to give in to your own peculiar style. In fact, there are wide selections of buckles from antique to modern designs for your distinctive taste when it comes to your passion for motorcycles.

Leather will always be a favourite accessory for any season. From its rock and roll origins to hippie culture, punk genre, to an interesting modern corporate dressing. There will always be a room for a leather accessory in any wardrobe for all. Moreover, mens leather belts are a staple in an everyday outfit of every gentleman. Did you know that belts are worn since the Bronze Age? But that’s another story. These days, belts are worn not only to hold your clothing in place but also to express your tastes in music, hobbies and fashion flair.