Long Leather Coats Women

Leather coats for ladies: the evolution over years

A city woman has to be so many persons either at once or with transitions. But of all she becomes, a city woman loves her style and strives to retain it. With onset of autumn, the weather is definitely getting colder but the roles are not getting few. One of the best, easiest and stylist option for this fall/winter is long leather coat. 

Long coats are easy to wear and take off making them time efficient and when you are wearing a long coat you save your time on detailing of your dress too. Leather is protective from both wind and cold and is much lighter than those fur coats that drag you around.

Under- coats, over-coats and formal to informal to glamorous and street style, coats have come a long way down till today. The long leather coats women are very versatile piece of clothing; they will pair with almost anything from skirts to dresses.  But if you do not choose the one that compliments you then you might end up looking bad. When you talk of leather and the colour black you see classic right there, now all you have to do is find a style that works best for you. Here is some help.

1. A lean coat: This one has come quite a long way and trust the fashion world, it has only become better. If you are a slender woman then try these on with either sleep trousers or boot cut jeans to look significant in a crowd.

2. Sweeping leather coat: Looks unusual and is long so maybe not appropriate for all seasons but it is fun and stylist for sure. It gives a little bohemian feel to whatever you are wearing ti with. To get the best out of it keep it open and wear it over colourful and bright something. Or it is your choice; you can wear it on top of black sheath.

3. Long leather trench coat: long trench coats especially of leather last for years and sometimes even decades. Looks better on women with flattering height, these coats can be found in various designs as per labels.

A slight tip on wearing long leather coat is to keep the belt on if you are heavy on the waist as it looks shaped better buckled if you have large waist. Long leather coats women are like diamond they are never getting out of fashion. Be it in the 1800’s or now leather coats are still treasured wardrobe addition. From celebrities, models to day to day people, leather is loved by everyone. Leather quite sure started as a men’s fabric but now is a cult favourite among ladies and why should it not be so after all it gives, style, warmth and comfort. Long leather coats are special blessing in winters; you can wear them like over coats, they pair with anything, no fear of getting stains, looks timeless and classic and easy to put on and take out. Did I mention you can wear them at different occasions like from street to parties? And also they are great protection from chilly icy wind as well. These were the reasons long leather coats have carried on since long time and the evolution over ages has just been more beneficial to consumers as now leather comes in other colour than black, you can wear faux leather if genuine is too pricy or say