Blue Leather Jacket

The latest of colour trends in leather jackets this season

Leather is ideal for jackets and hand gloves and it add some specialities in fashion trends.  The colour finishing and tanning techniques works perfectly with leather materials. It makes beautiful hues and wonderful dimension. Leather gives soft and good feelings and is long lasting in nature bringing the attention and attraction to the top designers. Coloured leather jackets are bold and bright, perfect for attention seekers.

The fashion is not about black leather jackets any more. Colour demand the attention in this winter and it goes with the trend. Coloured jackets have a variety of options and choices of outfit. Coloured leather jackets go well with both contrast colours or in block coloured dresses like top, trousers or shoes.

Various colours leather jackets are available for the fashion lovers like Faux leather jacket, Quilt leather jacket, Vegan leather jacket, belted leather jacket, Victory biker jacket, Colour block biker leather jacket, Moto leather jacket, Funnel neck leather jacket, etc. These are mainly meant for women.

Winter is a great opportunity for bring the showcase of leather jackets. In this winter there has been a few trends in coloured and black leather jackets from designers. Some of them are low cost version and available on high street. Men’s coloured leather jackets can be divided into three categories which are from expensive designers fashion but great come back to high street after long time. These are Aviator style, parkas and capes. Aviator is one of the must have style for leather jackets which continues from the success of last year’s fashion. Majority of these are made of lamb skin. A special feature of these jackets is high collar or over sized collar. Though mostly it comes with black colour, it is also found in brown, chocolate, olive green or green and blue colours. Blue leather jacket have stunning looks and are made for both men and women. Blue has a variety of shades. Among other colours, red and brown are mostly popular. Movie stars have great impact on these colours.  Leonardo De Caprio in the movie ‘Aviator’ showed how a brown aviator jacket can look dramatic. Similarly, Brad Pitt became very popular with a red bike style jacket in the “ Fight Club” Movie shown in 1999.

Blue leather jacket is more preferred by young man in their 20s or early 30s. This comes with contemporary styles and shades. It is good looking on young adults, many models and fashion geeks like the trends of blue leather jacket. The parka is also called the anorak. It has hip length and hood lined with natural or fake fur. Recently this jacket is a good come back. Wax-padded parkas with belt were popular in last year. This comes with various colours and lengths. This is also comfortable for women in this winter.

The variety of bomber jackets is the top sellers of the season. Bomber jackets come with different shapes, looks and colours. There is the traditional leather bomber jackets, leather bikers jackets and leather jackets with detachable hoods and attached hoods. Big brands or designer shops are offering different styles and colours along with traditional black jackets based on price and materials. Generally the price range is between USD70 to USD2500 depending of the manufacturer and design of the jackets.