Cropped Leather Jacket

The new design trends in leather jackets this season: the top 5 trends

The evolution of the leather jackets has come a long way; the jackets started form the bomber jackets which were used by the military pilots to protect them from the extreme weather conditions. The designs were made from tough leather materials to make this soldiers withstand the conditions, and then came the biker jackets which was design to protect the riders of motorcycles from injuries and cold. These classic leather jackets greatly influence the new designs, the new designs have been reinvented to have a mixture of classic and urban, which makes the wearer to look amazing in these leather jackets. The new designs have been greatly influence by Hollywood superstars; they come up with different designs in these movies. Here are top five designs for leather jackets this season.

The Refined Moto Jacket

The motto jacket is a new design this season, which will make you have a polished and refined look. The leather jacket is a basic design which doesn’t have extra epaulets, pockets or zipper on the motto, the design is just a sleek jacket with a slim cut. The design makes the motto jacket suitable to pair with other clothes. This top quality designed is an amazing leather jacket to add to your wardrobe.

Cropped leather jackets

The cropped leather jacket have been in fashion for a while, the new styles of cropped leather jacket emphasizes in making the oversized jackets. The cropped leather jacket has a draped opening at the front and a large panel; the edges are design with stylish cuts. The jacket is uniquely designed to make the wearer outstanding in a crowd. The cropped leather jacket is a suitable outfit for evening parties or going for movies.

The Rakish Double Rider

The double rider design was influenced by the famous actors Marlon Brando and James Dean in the classic movies. The double rider design is suitable for confident men to pull off a bad boy look. The double ridder is designed with asymmetrical zipper, large collar and zipper pockets which makes the wearer conspicuous. The leather jackets can be paired with jeans and sneaker. The double rider jacket is suitable for going for night clubs or parties.

Hooded Leather jacket

The hooded leather jacket is common design this season; the jackets are available in black and brown colors and can either have a detachable or fixed hood. The design makes you have a stylish urban look and can also protect you from cold or wind. The hooded leather jacket is also common with celebrities who don’t like attention from the public, with this jacket you can hide from the public.However; the hooded leather jacket has more of a youthful appeal. The hooded jacket can be paired with a baggy jean to balance the figure. The jacket is commonly worn by young celebrities like Justin Bieber

The Faux Leather Jacket

The faux leather jacket is another common leather jacket trend this season especially for ladies. The faux leather jacket is one of the most versatile outwear which can last for many seasons. The jackets can come in either zipper or button styles. The jacket is distinctively characterized by having faux fur at the collar, others faux leather jackets have been designed with patterns of faux fur with leather at the front or at the sides