Designer Leather Jackets

The customized look - The new trend among rich and famous

The rich and famous have their own dressing codes and dressing sense. While they might not hit the normal stores for their wear, they still got to put something on and in this regards there are custom made clothes for them. Items such as leather are considered hip among them too and are pursued with the same velocity that any normal simple people in the streets would pursue them. While the price may be as high as their apartment in any skyscraper, let us take a look at little trendy stuff in their artillery:

Designer Leather Jackets: Let us start with them leather covers. They are ridiculously vintage stuff. But the charisma it provides to the personality of the wearer is unmanaged and this fact is supported by the rich and famous too. No matter what, they still seem to get hooked with a good leather jacket. The Trendy Leather Designer Jackets can be found in various colors and styles. The most sought after and the most popular ones being black. Apart from black, the rich and famous seem to be hooked into brown and black and white printed jackets.

Biker jackets like with everyone else seem to be famous among designers too as bombers are creating quite a stir in the fashion world. You can get buttoned, chained or open chained jackets. Jackets with high standing collars are the trendy ones. Along with jackets with long sleeves and frontal pockets seem to the ones them rich people prefer. Quilted jackets are famous too.

Staying with jackets, the next big trend setters among them include flapped V-neck jackets. These V-necked Flapped Jackets look good on the eye. The other features included in these jackets are zipped cuffs and large side zipped pockets. This set of jackets provides that casual look. Pair ‘em with any sneaker and jeans and you will look good.

The other addition in designer leather jackets include the fur lined, oversized and quilted jackets.   

Designer Pants: For the ladies, skinny leather pants seem to the ones to go after as they are getting really popular and interesting. If you own well shaped body then there’s no reason to ignore these skinny leathers as they show off style and still manage to keep you warm.

For men, the types of pants that are increasing in popularity include printed pants. Different types of prints can be found on pants. Cowhide print or ‘baroque leaf’, to name a few. These trousers look extremely stylish.

Normal colored trousers include simple slim flit trousers. These trousers may contain buttons and chains or even built-in belts in them. Quilted tartans and checked trousers are also the ones to look out for as they may give you that extra ‘vintage’ look. But the printed trousers with a simple t-shirt seems to be the ‘go-to’ look this time around. 

For the ladies, cropped trousers are the trend setters. You have a lot of choice in terms of color in these trousers. Retro looking checked trousers are also in and like with the boys printed trousers are also gaining popularity.

Regarding the shirts, shirts with high quality detailed prints (any design) seem to the one to go after.  Simple shirts aren’t being preferred much among the rich and famous.

High heeled sandals with attractive designs seem to the footwear to go after if you are a lady. Simple thong sandals are in too. For men, simple un-designed sneakers seem to the ones that is the trendiest.