Hooded Leather Jacket

What youngsters prefer this season in leather garments

Leather is one such garment that never goes out of fashion. While there are hundreds of other options to choose from for this season, leather remains to be on the top of the list for almost every fashion conscious woman or man. For a very long time leather was the best classical garment; it still is.

However, over a period of time leather was introduced in a style that compliments with more themes other than vintage and classical. There were improvisations in color, styling and shapes. However what remained the same was the demand of leather each year, each season.

So as per what the trends of fashion market this year, hooded leather jacket is what youngsters prefer this season in leather garments. Leather garments are designed into different styles for different outlooks, however hooded leather jacket is specially designed for the youth, to work with both fashion and remain casual in their dressing. These jackets target the age group of 15-25 and are not specified to a specific cut or color.

The best thing about these jackets is that they are designed in such a way, that you can carry out any casual to semi formal look with it, depending on what you wear it with. For instance, wear it with a worker jeans and you are ready for college; wear it with a skin tight jeans and scoop neck shirt, you are good for any semi formal event. However, the touch of its target aged group remains to be there because of the hood and shapes these are designed in. The hood that is attached to the leather would add up to the volume of figure, slightly shaping it out for a middle age man

Coming to the colors in which these jackets are found, you will find a range of colors available. But for this season, youngsters prefer black, blue, matt green and brown. These are the colors in for both women and men leather jackets. The male category mostly prefers the matt brown and black color this season with pimsolls and scoop neck shirts with blue and black jeans.
Female category on the other hand are liking the shades of matt green and blue this season, as per what is mostly been seen this year in the fashion market.

Hooded leather jackets are found in two styles, zipped or closed. Personally, I would suggest going for the front open zipper leather jacket as it gives a touch of both casual and semi formal look. Also because leather is a fine warm garment, places where the temperature seems to be comfortable it becomes difficult to take off a closed hooded jacket in a public gathering.

Lastly, what you should always take care of is the quality of the leather you purchase, which is the one beauty of leather to remain in its fine condition. Don’t be fooled by the price, if you are purchasing a hooded leather jacket that is cheap but average quality, you are actually making a bad investment. Leather of bad quality will soon start chipping off and cracking, leaving it of no use for you. Always pick a high quality leather jacket; it might be the best investment you make on a garment this season.