Leather Jackets For Men

Motorcycle leather jackets: The studded style

Leather is used for various purposes. In fact it is its multipurpose utility which makes it stand out of the crowd of all other materials. Whether it is garment industry or the accessories, leather is being extensively used these days as it not only offers the required level of styling but also the durability and reliability to the product.

Especially, the modern fashion world is now so obsessed with the use of leather that now there are accessories like wrist watches, shoes and wallets are also being made from various types of leather.

Talking about the clothing made from leather, jackets are the most famous. Since there is a wide array of variety of leather jackets for men as well as for women, there has to be some innovation and unique styling in order to catch the attention of the customers. As the leather jackets for men come in different designs depending upon the purpose and utility of the jacket, you may choose amongst the motorcycle jackets, bomber jackets or the hooded leather jackets. Whatever may be your choice, you must keep in mind the ongoing fashion trends. As for example, if you are looking for a motorcycle jacket, you may go for a studded one.

Yes! It is a sort of newbie in the fashion industry but has been adopted by most of the motorcyclists in large numbers. A typical motorcycle leather jacket is a short to hip length so as to allow the user to ride the bike comfortably. The seams on the shoulders and collars should be carefully scrutinized for the quality as a biker needs to wear the jacket and these areas of the jacket are exposed to the strong wind.

As far as the studded style of the motorcycle leather jackets is concerned, you may find a wide variety in the market. Some of the jackets are studded only on the collar. Mostly, the typical coat collar is studded with heavy studs so that the collar is being highlighted. In addition to this, the cuffs and pockets are also studded in some case. The pocket flaps look very trendy if they are studded in bright colors. For all those out there who want to show the brighter and funky side of their personality, they may opt for a fully studded motorcycle leather jacket. Yes! There are some branded jackets having their front side all covered with the studs. This style of the studded leather jacket makes you prominent among the lot of motorcyclists.

If you are considering the colors of the studs which may be used for the purpose of embellishing your biker jacket, the best options are golden and silver. Since the biker jackets are usually in the black or brown shades, the golden and silver colored studs would be more prominent. However, you may go for black studs if you have a light colored jacket.

It is not that the studded motorcycle leather jackets are only offered in the men’s variety, but the women’s jackets have a lot more elegance and attraction as there are different designs of the biker jackets for women. So women have a far better chance to play with the colors and designs of the biker jackets with studs as they are more in to following the latest fashion as compared to men.