Mens Blue Leather Jacket

The new shades of jackets - The new colored leather jackets

Colored leather jackets have become extremely trendy in recent years. It has become popular among both men and the ladies. Responding to the huge demand in the market, fashion designers have shifted their attention to colored leather jackets.

These designers alter the cut and shape, experiment with different shades of colors, and add embellishments to give a new style of jacket each season. Various colors and new shades of leather jackets are in the market this season.

Mens blue leather jacket has gained admiration among the group in their 20s and 30s.A wide range of mens blue leather jacket is on fashion now: Monaco blue, teal blue, sky blue, dusk blue, grey blue, electric blue, sea blue, royal blue, etc. Denim jeans go extremely well with mens blue leather jacket. Other colours preferred by men are red and white. Red leather jacket was made iconic in the 80s by Michael Jackson who wore this amazing red leather jacket on his hit music video ‘Beat It’. Later, other stars like Brad Pitt also appeared in a red leather jacket in his blockbuster movie ‘Fight Club’. People admired their look and so find great confidence wearing these coloured jackets themselves. White leather jacket will be in trend for a very long time. Credit goes to Ryan Gosling for making his Scorpion White leather jacket extremely popular through his movie ‘Drive’. Brown, chocolate, olive and grey are also very trendy leather jacket colours for men. Yet, black will still be the winner in leather jacket fashion.

Women can easily experiment with uncommon colours and yet manage to look good. Red always looks attractive on girls. Cherry red and poppy red are in trend this season. Shades of yellow include are very refreshing and looks beautiful this season. These shades include: clear yellow, lemon zest, golden, etc. Emerald colored leather jackets are also trendy this season. Summer green, beige, fuchsia, burgundy, tangerine tango, burgundy, orange and pink are some new sensual colors that are in fashion this season. These are very youthful colors and are especially for the young generation. The colored leather jackets can also come in different textures to give trendy touch like perforated black, red python, wrinkled brown, soft burnt orange, soft French red, soft Atlantic blue, etc.

Leather jackets are an essential piece of fashion item that can be worn in all seasons. Leather jackets define your style. So choose your color according to your style. If you are a classic person, undoubtedly black is your first choice. Though brown is not trendy this season, you can choose to wear brown in other seasons if you like a simple look. This season, indeed, is the time to try out different colored jackets and see what looks good on you. These colored jackets are available in all styles of leather jackets like Bomber leather jacket, Flight leather jacket, Faux leather jacket,  Vegan leather jacket, Quilt leather jacket, Victory biker leather jacket, belted leather jacket, Colour block biker leather jacket, Funnel neck leather jacket, Moto leather jacket, etc.

Coloured leather jackets look bright and attractive. Leather jacket fashion is no more about black anymore. Winter is a good time to showcase coloured leather jackets. This season, leather brands are displaying various colourful leather jackets for both men and women, besides the traditional black ones.