Mens Brown Leather Jacket

What’s a must have for leather lover this winter

Every year there is always that item that we see on the runway and immediately shout “I want that!” or “ooooo that looks good.” Fashionista and fashion forward individuals may find themselves glued to European, USA or Japan fashion weeks eyeing out what is hot this season.

All designers indirectly agree that leather is the hot trend this season. This is because it is the common thread in all fashion weeks. Leather has gone through a few major modifications. It has been transformed and is now oozing elegance and sophistication like never before. You might be a lover of leather but aren’t sure about the exact leather items that are hot property. Sit back and read on because I bring you a list of must haves for the leather lover this winter.

     - The ageless leather jacket

The leather jacket, for men and women is the forerunner of anything leather. Leather started with the leather jacket. Get your hands on this classic piece. A men’s brown leather jacket is also an evergreen piece because it was the first leather jacket to be manufactured in the 70s.

     - Leather skirt or dress

Whether it is a peplum, pencil, flair or mini leather skirt or dress, these 2 pieces are becoming popular by the day. Fashion label Guess displayed their pastel blue dress with embroider in the centre for their winter collection.

     - Leather pants or shorts

I think I love my wife star, Rosario Dawson and tv presenter Kelly Brook were seen wearing leather shorts and they looked beautiful in them. Brook decided to add some colour to her look and wore orange shorts.

     - Coloured leather gear

Soft pinks, reds, greens, burgundys or a white leather item speaks loud and bold for anyone wearing it. It can be a skirt, shirt, pants, shorts or a bag that has the colour.  Colour adds texture and brightness to any outfit. The standard black that leather used to come in has been milked dry.

The fashion industry is exploring other areas of taking garments to another level. Adding colour, metallic or bright, definitely achieves this.

     - Oversized bomber jacket

Cheryl Cole was recently seen wearing a pink bomber jacket at the LA airport. She had pulled her sleeves up to give the look a more casual look. Oversized doesn’t have to go all the way to the knees. An oversized bomber jacket for ladies can look just a little big on her. Bomber jackets for men are generally oversized so a men’s brown leather jacket  that has a little bit of puff to it is appropriate.

     - Leather prints

This is mostly animal print, snake, cheetah or zebra embossed leather shirts or jackets are bold and dynamic. Simone Rocha, Georgio Armani and Celine are the few fashion designers that played with animal print on leather. The garment gives off the print as real. It gives it definition. The designs are so precise that they are an eye turner. Simone Rocha snake printed leather jacket is yellowish/orange and it has big shoulder pads. There is no missing this gorgeous piece anywhere on the streets.

These are a few of the items you can add to your shopping cart. They may be a lot of them but you won’t go wrong when you rock up at an event with friends’ dressed in one or two of the above items. You are to be the talk of the town.