Mens Studded Leather Jacket

The studded look - The trends Biker brought into fashion

Bikes and jackets are like best friends. Every biker wears a biker jacket as his symbol. A jacket and helmet are the matter of pride for a biker. But now, these biker jackets are not only limited to the bikers. It is a fashion trend among most of the youngsters even if they are not bike riders. This fashion trend has been brought into fashion by the bikers.

Women, mostly like men who are tough, strong and manly, who dresses up like a man (not like a boy) and has a great sense of fashion. Bikers are all strong and tough and this is how the biker jackets became the trend. Every other guy wanted attention from women and all women cared about was the stylish and fashionable men. So, people started making the manly biker jackets as their new trend of fashion, to impress women. Ever since, the biker jacket has been in fashion and has never been out. Trust me, not any jacket has been able to beat the awesome look that the biker jackets give.

Biker jackets are made up of various materials, one of which is the leather. Leather has been a very famous material to make jackets. Biker jackets are also no exceptions. Various designs and shades of biker jackets have been designed by men’s clothiers. Many designers have tried many different designs and one such design that has been a great success is, mens studded leather jacket. Studs, of course, look cool in the leather and also studs have been used by men since a very long time to prove their masculinity. The biker jackets with the cool studs for men have, surprised everyone with their popularity among youngsters. Various pop stars and celebs have flaunted the stage and different parties in these mens studded leather jacket.

Studded jackets are not only limited to men. Women are also not very backwards in flaunting leather jackets. Our very favorite, gorgeous Avril Lavigne, shows off her punk look in mens studded leather jacket. Many of Avril’s fans have tried to copy her look, making it the recent trend. It is not required that you complete your leather jacket with a punk look. These studded jackets can easily be worn in any kind of outfits, even feminine attires like skirts, maxis, etc.

Studs may sound really masculine and something that bad boys use. But trust me, you would fall in love with studs once you try it with these leather biker jackets. The amount of studs in the jackets can be optimized according to your desire. If you want a punk look, you would definitely want a jacket with lots of studs added to it and if you want a simpler look, definitely you would go for lesser studs. For men, studs are always their thing, so they have no hesitation wearing studded leather jackets. These studded leather jackets get along very well with simple tees and jeans as well as a more of a bad guy attire. Whatever you choose to wear, leather jackets get along quit well.

So, leather jackets and biker jackets are not only for men but women also can look gorgeous, pretty and elegant with cool leather biker wears. This season give a try to this new trend, brought in fashion by the bikers.