Quilted Leather Jacket

Made for chilly winters - The quilted trend of leather jackets

Leather jackets are your perfect companion for the chilly winter season. From the classical to modern look, leather jackets have not for a year lost their demand and importance. This beautiful texture is one most eye catching and stylish looking garment, a choice of all the modern and past fashion icons. This garment is designed and experimented with different styles, fitting perfectly into every theme and styling.

What we see this year in leather is the quilted leather jacket. Before we start discussing these trends, let’s review the history of quilted jackets a bit. The quilted style jackets and other outwear has been origination from England, it goes back to the times of 1965 where the quilted styling became a famous part of fashion industry.

The technique itself obviously goes back way longer, it was in 1965 when Steve Guylas initiated its importance in the fashion industry.

Quilted jackets are found in different material, there are quilted jackets for winter and pre spring and autumn as well. However for the chilly winters, quilted leather jacket have the most demand. Leather as we all know is best known for its warmth and the comfort it gives in a chilly weather. The best part is that you can cover yourself with this one great warm garment instead of wearing layers.

Quilted leather jackets this season are mostly seen for the female wardrobe. There are different colors, shapes and cuts they are designed in. You will see shoulder, upper front and sleeve quilting in leather jackets with beautiful shades of color green, red, black and blue.

Of course, the male wardrobe is not anywhere behind, but you see a careful quilt styling in leather jackets for men. According to most fashion conscious men, they want these leather jackets to stylized but in a manner in which their masculinity is not questioned. So what we see in quilted leather jackets is either full quilting or a small part of jacket quilted, like along with the zip lining or slightly across the collar.

You can wear quilted leather jackets with different kinds of clothing. For women, they can wear it with small frocks, skinny jeans as well as with the maxi dresses with complimenting jewelry.

Now the question is, leather is such a complicated garment in terms of quality, where should we purchase it from? Well obviously most people would prefer purchasing it from a good and renowned brand/company; the price tag can slightly be an issue.  However, once the company introduces the design there are various good second hand options you can try. But there should be careful checking of the quality, as polyester filling is not what you are looking for.

In most cases it is suggested to purchase a second hand or cheap garment that comes in average quality, however in case of quilted leather jacket you should be sure about it. Leather itself is a very sensitive garment in terms of quality; you would want to have the best if you want to avoid the chipping off. Secondly, quilting makes it even more sensitive, as if a low quality thread has been used for quilting it, it will start cracking after a while. So while you may not like to spend much on winter garments, pick a leather jacket from the designer company or very first replica.