Red Leather Jacket Men

How to buy a new leather jacket –the tips

Leather jackets are not like regular seasonal outfits we buy often from the stores. Leather jacket is a lifetime investment and so requires a lot of detailed attention before purchasing it. This is one outfit that attracts both men and women equally. The major attribute to consider when buying leather jackets are discussed below.


In order to get an average quality leather jacket, you need to have a budget of at least $500. For a good leather jacket, you will need to spend $1k minimum. You can also get leather jackets for $200 or $300 but you have to compromise on quality. As this piece of fashion item is sure to stay in your wardrobe for a longer time, if possible, you should avoid buying these cheap quality jackets. Rather, buying vintage or used jackets from ebay or vintage stores would be a better option.


Leather jackets come in many styles every season. Designers usually vary the cut, material and color of the jackets to give it a fresh new look every season. Some people like new unconventional styles of leather jackets, others like the classic style. Bomber jackets are the most common style of leather jackets. This jacket has been in style for ages and was primarily made for pilots and armed forces. Because of its classic style, it has become a timeless piece of fashion item. So for those who like classic styles, bomber leather jackets would be the right choice. Double Rider jackets or motorcycle jackets are usually suitable for people who like to portray tough images. This jacket gives a macho look. The Moto leather jacket is a slimmer version of the Double Rider leather jacket and has extra flaps and belts. This style of jacket has a modern look. Trench coat is similar to an overcoat and serves similar purpose. Varsity and baseball leather jackets are more youthful style of leather jackets. Other styles of leather jackets include: fencing jacket, distressed leather jacket, hooded leather jacket, pea coat, faux leather jacket, etc.


Leather jackets come in many colours nowadays. The conventional black leather jackets are always classics. Brown jackets also look sophisticated and elegant. Red leather jacket for men gained popularity when pop star Michael Jackson was seen wearing it in his hit music video ‘Beat It’. This red leather jacket for men has inspired and charmed many fashion designers and as a result red is a very popular colour for leather jackets even in recent times. Lighter shades of leather jacket include white, light blue, light brown, etc. Unconventional colours of leather jackets are also available like shocking orange and pink.

Leather Quality

As leather jackets are an asset to your wardrobe, quality must be the prime concern while purchasing a leather jacket. Leather jackets can be made in various materials. Cowhide, Horsehide and Steer hide are all stiff kinds of leather which are heavy and provide durability. Calf skin is a little softer than cowhide, but is still heavy. Lamb skin is a very soft and light form of leather, almost like silk. Goat skin is softer than calf skin but heavier than lamb skin. Bison and buffalo are heavy types of leather used mainly for functionality and protection. So these are very durable.

Leather jackets can be worn throughout the year, year after year. It is a good investment and thus people should consider various factors and make a judgemental decision in purchasing a good leather jacket.