Red Leather Jacket

Leather jackets - the evergreen elegant trends

Leather jacket became a fashion item in 1953 when Marlon Brando was seen wearing it in the movie ‘The Wild One’. The black leather jacket that Brando wore stole the hearts of millions of fashion lovers.  The music industry also played a huge role in making leather jackets trendy. Elvis Presley was the first to set the trend. The trend of leather jackets has been going on for several eras. Be it short, waist-length, knee-length, oversized, fitted - leather jackets are evergreen.

The fashion designers change the cut and style to give leather jackets a new look every season.

Though black is the prominent color for leather jackets, other colors have gained popularity also in the recent years. Dark shades like red, burgundy, brown, black, dark grey, or blue are preferred during the winter and spring seasons, whereas, lighter colors like white, light brown and pale blue are preferred in summer seasons. Some people even choose to wear bold colors like bright orange and pink. Pop star Michael Jackson in 1983 made red leather jacket popular by wearing it in his hit video ‘Beat It’ and then later in ‘Thriller’. After that, red leather jacket became iconic and more people started liking this color. Young women prefer colored jackets more than men.

Leather jackets are evergreen - it can be worn throughout the year and yet look trendy. Having a leather jacket in the wardrobe often gives a sense of pride as it is such a timeless piece of clothing. There are several elegant trends of leather jackets available: varying from bikers’ jackets, army jackets and bomber jackets to distressed leather jackets, faux leather jackets, trench coats and pea coats. These styles are savored equally by males and females.

Bomber leather jackets, originally designed for the pilots, are very comfortable to wear specially in winter. These jackets can be worn both casually and formally. The double rider or motorcycle leather jacket portrays a rebellious image and is usually worn casually. This style of jacket is popular among bikers and people who likes to look tough. Pea coat leather jackets are a more recent trend of leather jackets and they look dressier when worn. Varsity leather jackets are a popular casual form of outfit worn mostly by the young generation. Trench coats can be worn as an alternative to overcoats, providing same functionality, but in style.

A leather jacket is seen by many people as a worthy investment as it is timeless and can be worn for years without being unfashionable. The versatility of wearing a leather jacket lets a person with the least fashion knowledge to look good. The leather jacket that you wear reflects your personality. So if you are tough, a biker jacket will be appropriate for you. If you are conservative then you can choose to wear black leather bomber jacket and if you are playful you can choose to wear a shocking-colored leather jacket like orange.

Wearing a leather jacket gives confidence when you walk into the street; it doesn’t matter whether you are aware of the latest trend or not. A leather jacket is not only a piece of fashion item; it has now become a lifestyle. Icons like movie stars and pop stars have helped taking leather jackets to this new level.