Studded Leather Jacket

Biker jackets: The top 5 trends over last decade

Do you love bikes? Are you a rider? Then a biker’s jacket and a pair of gloves are a must in your wardrobe. And even if you are not a bike rider, then also a biker jacket is an asset in your wardrobe. Be a woman or a man, biker jackets suit you equally. The biker trend is here this season and hope you do not miss this really cool trend. Not just men but women have also been spotted lot of times wearing these cool leather jackets, including our very dear Rihanna. If Rihanna could not resist the charm of these cool jackets chow could we, her fans resist it and not wear it?

When you hear the word “biker jackets”, you feel it is very sporty and masculine and is not meant for fragile women and their feminine look. But you definitely are mistaken. You do not need to be a biker to wear the biker jackets. Biker jackets look great even in the normal casual shirts and pants and if you are a girl, you can easily wear these jackets over any attire you are wearing for the day or the night. You can say, biker jackets are best friends with denim wears and it gets along just perfectly with any of your feminine attires as well. Studded leather jacket is, of course, something that is in recent fashion trend and every person loves the look that this jacket gives to the person.

Top trends that people, especially women are following these days wearing biker jackets are:

1. Go Lady-like: Biker jackets need not always be worn with tomboy dress ups. You can easily pair it up with girly chiffon tunics or any long tops or even skirts. I bet you would look damn hot and stylish. Fashion is all about experimenting with your combination of dresses. So, do not hesitate.

2. Go fancy: Do not hesitate to wear these biker jackets along with your maxi dresses, cropped tees and your favorite skirt. Miley Cyrus was recently spotted rocking this biker jacket look in a cropped tee and black pants and boots.

3. Go Classic: There are people who find the best in simplicity and this look is definitely for such people. Just wear simple chiffon or a cotton shirt over a pair of black pants and complete the look with a biker jacket. You’ve got a complete classic and yet simple look, great for school, college, hangouts and even work.

4. Colour your wardrobe: Black is not definitely just the colour for leather wears. Go on and experiment it with various colours. Red, yellow, green, brown, purple!! Go on and colour your world with colourful the colourful biker jackets.

5. Perfect prints: Like studded leather jacket, there are varieties of designs and colours of these biker jackets that you can experiment with. And not only the colour, perfect combinations of the attire can make a huge difference in you look. Not necessarily, you need to wear the jacket with black pants only. You can always try it with differently printed pants. Wearing the biker jackets with printed pants is one of the recent trends that were flaunted by gorgeous Kristen Stewart.

So, what are you waiting for? Here you have the list of things that you can do with your jackets. Hurry up and try them all!!!