Tan Leather Jacket

Why tanned leather always has a touch of elegance about it?

Tan leather jacket in fashion usually refer to pale brown coloured jackets. This colour is most popular for leather garments and suits both male and female.

Tan leather jacket comes in different styles and designs. These are mostly available in high street, though there are exclusive designs from renowned designers which are very expensive and unique. For example: classic slim fitted jacket and bomber jacket which are very popular among men; moto jacket, bikers jacket and flight jacket which are an all time favourite style; aviator jacket and field jacket are popular racer jackets.

These are the common forms of men’s tan leather jacket. Among women common type of leather jacket keeps girls chasing are: bomber jacket, bikers’ jacket, long jackets with and without waist belt, funnel collar jacket and collarless jackets. Among these styles, bikers jackets and bomber jackets are most demanding.

Usually leather jackets are made from sheepskin, cowhide, goatskin or horsehide. Sheepskin is softer, flexible and comfortable. This type of leather jackets is not only favoured by the manufacturers, but also by the buyers. However, this type of jacket might be prone to damage due to softness. So there is a trade off among sheepskin jackets and other jackets.  Depending on the season, different insulation is given on different leather jacket. Spring and summer jackets have thin and breathable lining, whereas in winter quilted or other heavy insulation is given.

While shopping for a tanned jacket not only the quality of the material is considered, but also the design of the jacket is greatly considered. Design consists of colour, cut, material and designer or brand itself. Genuine leather and craftsmanship makes jacket stand out from the crowd. But colours sometimes vary from the standard while processing tan leather jacket due to unique finish of real leather tanning process.

A leather jacket is a precious piece of clothing that a man can have in his wardrobe.  But the combination of outfit of a leather jacket can be tricky. The most beautiful feature of tanned jackets is that it goes with almost everything depending on the matching principal. Tanned jackets fit great on both men and women. Leather jacket goes well with shoe, black and white shirt or trouser specially when shirt is tucked in and a waist belt is there with the trouser. It also goes well with black skirt and white shirt. Also, leather jacket can be paired with brown pants and khakis. Black boots are prominent with tanned jacket if worn carefully. Girls can go with baby blue or light pink shirt combination with the tanned jacket. Depending on the colour of leather jacket, ladies can use dark blue, green or brown bag. Also white T-shirt under the jacket will fit well. When a tanned jacket is worn, similar coloured belt and shoe would look awful. For example if you are wearing a black waist belt and black shoe a tanned leather jacket is a good complement. But all brown fit would look really odd. Black jacket is exception in this case.

If worn perfectly, a tanned jacket can transform one’s personality. It is a timeless piece of material for both women and men. This is a season-less outfit and this makes a tanned jacket an all time favourite.