Vintage Leather Jackets Women

What fashion trends  are popular among ladies this season?

It’s winter and it’s time for jackets. While choosing the jackets, you ladies sure wouldn’t want to compromise with any one aspect between warmth and style. The best jacket would definitely be the one that provides warmth and at the same time makes a style-statement.

There a lot of styles of vintage leather jackets women  are available this time around, but if you want to go for both comfort and style, then there are a few ones that are creating market fuss.  

     - As stated above, if you want to go for both warmth and comfort, then the best choice would definitely be a fur- leather jacket. Fur is a good sign of both warmth and comfort and so are the leathers. Furs are ideal for the winters. You will get these jackets in a wide variety of colors and with a wide variety of features. The black leather looks with black furs are really popular. Along with black, brown leather looks with brown furs and grey ones are popular too.

The zip features that you are likely to get in these jackets include front zips, fastening zips and zip pockets. As with the sleeves, jackets with simple long sleeves are definitely the ones to choose. Jackets with front pockets which are concealed inside of the jacket flips are popular.

The collars in wide variety of popular jackets are usually wide faux ones.

     - If you ladies are looking for something to wear to work, then there are plenty of options here too. Blazer coats are becoming extremely popular this around. These coats can provide you that sophisticated office look with comfort and warmth. You will find coats of this kind made from softly woven fabrics.

Regarding the color, grey ones are becoming extremely popular. But who could leave out black from the equation. Pink and red are also popular if you want to go for that that vivid look.

Check Blazers are looking good. It gives that classic look to the blazer. Other stylistic features included in these coats include open front designs or single button fastenings.

Choose the slim fit ones as they seem to catch the most attention. Oversized blazers definitely don’t seem to be the good idea this time around.

Cropped blazers also seem to be a good idea. The ones with open front and long sleeves could create a lot of attention if you can pair them with a good mini-skirt.

     - Parkas: The talk of town, “If you want to buy anything that’s classy and comfortable this winter, go for Parka”. Parkas are classic wears. The best thing about the parkas is that they are a versatile wear; you can literally pull them off anytime and anywhere. You can get Parkas with hooded designs o other simple designs. The popular ones are the ones with long sleeves.

The military designed Parkas are becoming ridiculously popular. These ones generally come with detailed pockets, long sleeves and faux furs.

The most popular and undoubtedly the best color would be the army green color, but Parkas in burgundy are also not too much behind either.

     - Denims: Denims are evergreen wears; there is no argument in that. This season too, simple blue denims are popular. Pair them off with black jeans and you are sure to catch some eyes.

     - Vintage Leather Jackets: Vintage Leather jackets women like the denims are evergreen wears, no surprises there. Leather bombers are becoming extremely popular. Leather jackets with faux collar seem to be the right option for both style and comfort.