White Leather Jacket Men

What colors are in mode for leather jackets this season

Fashion designers usually express their feelings through the colors they use in their collection every season.  Colors in leather jackets create moods from being vivid and lively to being sophisticated. Just like seasons change its’ look, we like to see a new look in our wardrobe along with different season.

We like to look different every season which shows that we are fashion conscious. Choosing the right color for your jacket will reflect your mood and personality. It is important that you choose a color that is in fashion this season.

Both dark and light colors of leather jackets are in mode this season. The most neutral colored jacket which looks simple, yet lets you stand out from the crowd is white leather jacket men. The popularity of white leather jacket men has been immense after Ryan Gosling wore this stylish jacket in the movie ‘Drive’. This particular jacket is made of quilted satin with a scorpion embroidered in golden color at the back. Other styles of white leather jacket men include bomber jackets and biker jackets. Women can also wear white leather jackets this season. Cropped leather jacket of this color can be a stylish option.

An extensive selection of blue shades of leather jackets are in trend this season. Shades of blue that are popular this season are dusky blue, Monaco blue, electric blue, sea blue, grey blue, teal blue, sky blue, cobalt blue, cornflower blue, and royal blue. The advantage of wearing blue leather jacket is that you don’t have to spend much time deciding on what to wear with it. Blue denim pant or skirt always goes with blue leather jacket.

Red leather jackets for both men and women are in this season. Women naturally likes the color red as it makes them look vibrant. Shades of red like poppy red, vintage red and cherry red cropped leather jackets are trendy for women. For men, red leather jackets had been a symbol of admiration since Michael Jackson wore it in his music video ‘Beat It’. More recently, Brad Pitt helped promoting this red leather jacket through his movie ‘Fight Club’.

Lighter shades of leather jackets are also in trend this season. Some of these shades are: dusky blush, grey, peach, mint, and metallic. Green and yellow color gives a happy feeling resembling sunshine and green fields. Shades of green and yellow which are most fashionable this season are emerald and clear yellow colored leather jackets. Lemon zest, clear yellow and beige colored leather jackets give you a fresh look and cool feeling. Orange and pink colored leather jackets, usually meant for women, switch you to a youthful mood.

A good piece of leather jacket carries you well day to night and through all the days of the week. Whatever you throw it over, be it chick dress, miniskirt, jeans or formal pants, it will look good and will give you confidence. Leather jackets are a vital piece of fashion item. It is appropriate to be worn in all seasons. Leather jackets define your personality and style. Though, black is the classy and elegant color, other colors will give you new feelings and style. So if you haven’t yet bought a jacket, choose a colored leather jacket this season.