White Leather Jacket

The color and shades of leather jackets this season

The traditional and classic black leather jackets are fashionable throughout the year. However, in recent times colored leather jackets have become extremely trendy.  It is preferred by both men and women, even though women like it more. Various colors and shades of leather jackets are available in the market this season.

Surprisingly, the color for leather jacket mostly used by designers this season is black. People who are not very confident about wearing colored leather jackets can go for neutral colored jackets: black, brown, grey or white leather jacket. These neutral colored jackets go with anything you wear, be it denim jeans or formal outfit, or even dress in case of women. You do not run the risk of fashion disaster wearing these colors. However, brown is out of fashion this season.  A wide spectrum of blue are on fashion including sea blue, sky blue, grey blue, Monaco blue, dusk blue, teal blue, electric blue and violet. Blue leather jackets go well with denim. In the early 80s, pop star Michael Jackson in made red leather jacket iconic by wearing it in his hit video ‘Beat It’ and later in ‘Thriller’. Movie star Brad Pitt was also spotted wearing a red leather jacket in the movie ‘Fight Club’. As a result, fashion designers work on red leather jackets throughout the year, changing its cut and style every season. Poppy red and cherry red leather jacket can be a good selection for this season.

White leather jacket is now greatly admired since Ryan Gosling appeared in a white scorpion leather jacket in the blockbuster movie ‘Drive’. The outer layer of the jacket has ivory diamond quilted satin giving it a unique style. Emerald colored leather jackets are also in trend this season. Another trendy color this season is lemon zest. This gives you a cool feeling and you will love the fresh look of it. Clear yellow and beige colored leather jackets also produce similar image and sensation. Summer green, fuchsia, tangerine tango, burgundy, pink and orange are some unusual yet sensual colors that can be worn this season. The colored leather jackets can also come in various textures to give a different effect. For example, black leather jackets can come in thick goat black, perforated black, soft dull black or wrinkled black texture. Other colored leather jackets with varying textures include: wrinkled brown, red python, soft French red, soft burnt orange, soft Atlantic blue, etc.


Leather jackets are an essential piece of fashion item that can be worn in all seasons. Leather jackets define your style. So choose your color according to your style. If you are a classic person, undoubtedly black is your first choice. Though brown is not trendy this season, you can choose to wear brown in other seasons if you like a simple look. Red gives you confidence as you have seen icons like Michael Jackson and Brad Pitt stealing the hearts of millions with their appearance in red leather jacket. You can also try shades of blue which gives a very soothing look. Burgundy, summer green, orange and pink are very youthful colors and the young generation can be playful and experiment with these colors. This season, indeed, is the time to try out different colored jackets and see what looks good on you.