Womens Brown Leather Jacket

Studded leather apparels - are they for everyday use

Rummaging through your closet for something to wear can be a tiresome task. Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear or nothing matches with what you could possibly try. On the other hand, there are those who are vigilant and never have this problem. You might find yourself ending up wearing your leather jacket and leggings for a few consecutive days. Leather apparel isn’t for everyday use. Nor is it for special occasions. It sits somewhere in the middle.

Anyone who wears the item is quickly noticed by onlookers. Someone wearing studded leather apparel will probably make head turns! Studs and leather work very well together. It is a combination that isn’t frequently worn by celebrities or on the streets. Kanye West, Michelle Williams, Ashley Tisdale and Chris Brown are the handful of celebrities that the gossip pages have taken snapshots of wearing the studded apparel.

A classic black leather jacket is the first option for most buyers. And studs work better with a black jacket than a coloured one. Wearing a studded women’s brown leather jacket would not be a great look. A neutral colour, like pastel greys, would work better. Leather apparel that comes with studs is typically the leather jacket.

The studded leather jacket may not be a favorite for some people. Tshegofatso Mafonjo says her like of the leather trend depends. “It depends on the design, whether it is a jacket, pants or shoe,” she says. Nora Madibana shares the same sentiments, “I’m not a leather girl, so it depends how hectic the item looks,” she says.

Some designs of the studded leather can be quite extravagant with spikes all the piece. For example, black-leatherjacket.com has such an item fit for the runway. The jacket has spikes and studs on the sleeves, collar area and around the pocket zips. Someone who wears this looks no further than a Christmas tree. Someone actually asked if studded leather should only be worn by thieves! The jacket might have a bad connotation to her, there’s a chance she might’ve had a bad experience with the studded jacket. Leather4sure.com sells female sleeveless studded jackets. They sell everything leather in different colors. Shopping for a leather jacketat the store is a breeze.

Nextshe.com sells one for $750 that is simple and the details are elegantly placed to give off a certain chic. Studs are small and round, sort of like earring studs. It moves away from the contemporary loud spikes on sale today. The price is so cheap because it is made of PU leather. A cheaper version of leather. The jacket can be passed off as the real thing. It comes in black, finding this classy piece as a women’s brown leather jacket won’t be so easy.

Pricing of the studded leather jacket is similar to a leather jacket without the studs. Online you can find a genuine leather studded piece for around $500. Sheplars.com offers the cheapest genuine studded leather apparel. It’s made of boar suede leather and this makes the item lightweight. “The women’s leather jacket can be worn as a stylish shirt or a cool weather jacket,” it says. The jackets sell at a very reasonable price, the studded jacket starts from less $500 and goes up to no more than $800.