Fight Club Jacket

The must have celebrity jackets - The top 5

Now a day, the popularity of celebrity jackets is spreading like a wild fire, with more and more people of every class and age group of the society tend to get attracted towards the charming look of these fight club jacket. So, this season, we present you the top 5 celebrity jackets as follows:

Fight club jacket

This jacket is the most demanding one in our range. It was worn by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club, 1999. It is made using best quality fabric which was originally used in the movie. The look is more of a dude type. Various ready sizes of the fight club jacket are available in the stores or you can also give your measurement. The customized product will cost you a little high due to the additional items attached to the initial product and will be delivered to your residence within four to seven working days, depending on your location and the extent of customization you have made.

Johnny Depp jacket

The various versatile roles played by Johnny Depp have already attracted the millions of viewers towards him. Now it’s the turn of his characteristic jackets to make a star presence among the fans. The design is prepared by our experts from all over the world. We are launching the same style worn by him with some additional features to make it more comfortable for you, like slanting pockets, adjustable sleeves and buckles, front zippers and many others which are enough to present you a cool guy look. The highly customized range is available in the retail shops.

Spiderman jacket

This one is in high demand among the youngsters as most of them try to imitate the famous character of Spiderman cartoon or movie. The leather jacket is available in combination of red and black colours, and to maintain the theme, the option of colour customization is not available for this range. However, there are options available to have a nice print or your favourite picture of the Spiderman at the back or the front of the jacket. The zippers and other accessories can also be attached on demand and provisions for on the spot measurement for plus sized children are also made.

Game of Thrones Jacket

Game of Thrones is a prevalent TV show and the fans often try to imitate the various houses shown in the series. So, there are a range of jackets featuring the symbols of Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, Baratheons or Tyrell. The corresponding character of the house will be printed or portrayed on the jacket to give it a classical cool look. Our tailors and designers had put their best efforts to make this range of product successful. A wide variety of colours and texture is also available in the market with the option of ordering a dual jacket which can be worn from inside as well, with different house themes on both sides.

Guardians of the Galaxy Jackets

This is included in our scientific themed range and the jackets are gradually gaining popularity among teenagers as well as adults. They are also available in a wide range of colours from shining black to crimson red or maroon colour. The metal accessories added to these items are making it more attractive and good looking. The advanced bookings have been opened as it will take a couple of weeks to launch the product in the market. The jackets have a variety of textures too.