Marlon Brando Leather Jacket

Old is gold- How old trends of leather jackets making a return this season

Unlike today’s technology there are many things that are older the better. It is no doubt that in

Fashion world change is happening before we can catch the existing one but fashion world sees a lot of comeback. There are many styles and ways of fashion from 80’s, 90’s or even 60’s coming back and making a huge stir. And why should not they? Those times were the benchmarks in fashion industry and those styles will be evergreen. But there are certain seasons and year when particular fashion makes a comeback. Here we are taking about leather jackets and we know leather jackets are always the ‘things’ that satisfy both the fashion and warmth aspect.

There are a few leather jackets like Marlon Brando leather jacket that seem to occupy both the people’s hearts and bodies forever. No matter how much the clothing aspect of life has evolved, people still seem to prefer some of these. No doubt, the movie stars are the trend setters here. Let us take a look at few jackets seen on the screen way back that are circling the wagons this season:

• Marlon Brando: Who could forget Marlon Brando leather jacket with his side-on cap and that beast of a jacket he pulls off in ‘The Wild One’  He certainly blasted the screen and possibly the hearts of many a women with that old look. Seems like people still prefer the same approach towards jackets even today when the screen has changed colors. Those jackets of his aren’t dead yet and this season it seems like people are tempted to go back to the 50s.

• Harrison Ford: A hat, A Whip and those jackets. Indiana Jones certainly occupied people’s heart not only artistically but fashion wise too. The thing to do this season: Put on those jackets, grow a little beard and walk around feeling like ‘Indiana Jones’.

• James Dean: Once more back to the 50s and this time around Rebel without a cause made those jackets of Dean the real apparel to ‘rebel’ without a cause. A cigarette that looks and those leathers made James Dean immortal and so became of the jackets.

Apart of these old screen monsters. The other types of jackets that were ‘good’ back then and ‘better’ still are:

• Leather Bombers: Used by the cockpit handlers during the war, these jackets caught plenty of attention back in the 80s. These jackets are considered to make one feel ‘stylish’ and ‘tough’ at the same time.

• Biker Jackets: Let us be a touch more general here. Biker Jackets are forever young. The fact that these jackets not only signify style via toughness but also glorify that good old ‘rebel’ look make these babies the same forever. These Jackets, along with tired jeans and you are in for a rebellious-stylistic-comfortable winter.

• Horsehide Leather Jackets: These Horsehide jackets were initially used because they were tough and durable. That very fact has made this jacket sneak into today’s fashion trends too.

• Steerhide Leather Jackets: These Jackets were used for casual wear. They are considered relatively comfortable to the Horsehides. The durability and protection provided by these sets of jackets overtime has resulted in these jackets being ‘in’ this season too.

So, these are the vintage jackets that are making a return this season. Each and every one of these has got its own pros and cons so; select for you, which ever looks good and feels good should be the one.