Max Payne Jacket

The favorite celebrity jackets of this season - The 5 most popular jackets

Jackets are an essential in the autumn winter collection of 2014. The jacket has been ruling the ramp, and has now been introduced in the fashion apparel stores. The nip in the air and the dip in the weather means that the jacket season is somewhere round the corner. This season the men must shell out some cash and buy new winter jackets rather than going back to their old, faithful and boring winter wear. There are a number of jackets which will be in vogue this season and the men can choose one which fits the bill for them.

5 jackets which were popular in this season:

Down-filled jackets: Quilted jackets had officially been brought back last season and they are here to stay. These puffy quilted jackets protect you from the harsh winters and look absolutely banging. They are streamlined, so one does look oversized. Paired with slim fitted denims, these jackets will definitely buy you a second look.

The down west jacket: This jacket will amp up your style quotient. It is best for those not-so-cold days. They can easily be paired with nice khakis for a nice casual day out.

The Max Payne Jacket: If there is a jacket you must have this season, it is the Max Payne Jacket. This cool jacket had never really gone out of fashion.

Michael Jackson’s jackets: The king of pop had brought back the jackets in style. In a number of his songs like smooth criminal, bad, black or white he has donned a jacket. His quirky sense of style has been brought back in fashion the autumn/winter.

Summer jackets: Summer and jackets were oxymoron. But the fashion world did the impossible and designed what we call a summer jackets. Celebrity in different parts of the world sported this look with panache and finesse.

The Max Payne jacket has successfully been re-visited in the fashion world. It is a simple leather jacket with interior pockets. A number of replicas of this jacket are available on the internet. You can get yours with a simple click of a button. The best part is that it provides with a classic appearance if teamed well with a pair of denim jeans and black T-shirt.

Wearing a celebrity jacket will ensure that you will impress a number of girls with your sense of style. The enigma brought about after donning the new styles of celebrity jackets, brings out a mysterious look to one’s personality. The celebrity jackets can easily be teamed with garments of different hues. Moreover, the dignity it brings to the look is inexplicable.

The jackets can be customised in accordance to your size. A nicely fitted jacket will definitely make you look charismatic and well dressed in front of your contemporaries. Celebrity jackets are showcased a lot on the television and if you happen to have a similar jacket then people will straightaway take notice of it. You will instantly become the fashion icon of the group just by owning a replica of a trendy celebrity jacket.

This jacket can be worn casually and if teamed with a nice belt, shirt and shoes it can also impart a formal look. The celebrity jackets are a classic and will surely not go out of fashion. So you can easily invest in good genuine Max Payne jacket so that it lasts you a long time. If you do not have the time to visit a retail garment shop, then you can definitely look up the internet for the perfect jacket for yourself.