Skyfall Jacket

007 Bond movies - How to choose a quality bond jacket

Well, how many of you will hang your jacket up while driving? If you are a James Bond fan, you just won’t do that. James bond jacket is designed for the men in hurry; but the men in style. There is no compromising on the style when it comes to James bond, well, of course. But for the men out there who are confused about how to be in style without getting the jacket wrinkled, and without resisting the freedom of movement. These are the questions for which we are going to discuss the quality of skyfall jacket.

First of all, the skyfall jacket has been made up from 6oz sylkoil wax along with the classical tarten lining. This defines the highest quality at which this jacket has been created. The best thing about the jacket is the quality of its material which makes it not only comfortable to wear but attractive looking and free from any kinds of wrinkles and water stains.

Other than these features, you will find that the jacket has welted chest pockets including two bellowed pockets as well as two lower poacher pockets. It has a removable hood which as you can see, James bond has removed. Other than that, you will find a difference in placement of the buttons; in one part you see two buttons close to the stomach while in the other part you see all buttons at similar distance. The jacket has been inspired by the Beacon heritage and collaboration with the trends of Japanese designing. The skyfall Jacket has been inspired by the military past and sporting range of jackets and clothing, as a demand for the nature of character.

Coming back to the quality of the famous bond jacket, while purchasing one you have to keep your check list for all the above mentioned features. First of all, you have to make sure that the quality is the same as you see in the movie. For most people it can be difficult, but here are the few needed tips. The original replica will have a soft touch of outer lining, glue like look but a fine smooth touch. The leather as made from waxy material will resist water and such which makes it a liquid stain resistant. Secondly, the color of the original jacket has the vintage dusty brown look, like camel.

The armhole of the jacket will be smaller; however the armpit cut will be larger for better movement of the arm. Make sure to fit into it perfectly before you purchase the jacket. If you feel the bottom armhole in the armpit area, it means that you are giving an impression of being constricted, however it works quite differently. The sleeves of the jacket will be long and comfortable as you can see in the movie itself. What you have to look at it the amount of cuff remains the same when you move your arm forward as when you are standing. This ensures the quality of the cuts and measurements.

Once you are sure of all these features in your best James bond skyfall jacket,  purchase it without any second thoughts. The James bond jacket is the standard status symbol for the men of taste and the men in style.