Smallville Jacket

The Superstar inspired jackets- The new trend of this season

The fashion trends are greatly influenced by celebrities. People admire celebs lifestyles, because these people leave in a world of their own. They have almost anything they desire on earth, be it the fanciest car in the market, they leave in posh suburban and they shop in the most expensive malls.

The clothes they wear impacts the fashion industry, and many designers try to be up to date with the style these celebs inspire. The superstars inspired jackets can be from movies, music videos, magazines, social media and the Television. Here is a review of superstar inspired jackets that are trending this season.

Smallville Leather Jacket

Superman is famous character in the American Series Smallville. The smallville jacket was inspired by Tom Welling who portrayed the character Clark Kent. The smallville jacket has an S trademark and is made from pure lamb leather. The smallville jacket is designed by ingenious leather designers which makes it one of the most sought after superstar jackets this season. This piece of jacket will make you look magnificent and suitable for hanging out with friends in nightclubs and also in a cold season.

X-Men Wolverine Jacket

The movie X-Men is a fictional movie, which inspired the wolverine leather jacket. The lover of this movie can have a chance to purchase this amazing jacket which the Hugh Grant wore in the movie. It is one of the most wanted leather jackets this season. The leather jacket can give you an impressive and sober look. The jacket can also be worn by riders.

Paul Walker Black Leather Jacket

Paul Walker was a superstar famous for the American Series the Fast and the Furious. Paul Walker died last year in a terrible road accident and left a mark in the fashion industry by inspiring his Paul Walker Black Leather Jacket. It is one of the trending leather jackets this season as a tribute to the beloved actor. The piece of jacket can be bought in a various store

That Awkward Moment Zac Efron Jacket

The Zac Efron jacket was inspired from the movie “That Awkward Moment”. The stylish jacket can give you a handsome look and stand out in parties, outings, gathering and friend’s reunion. The outfit can also be worn in cafes or restaurants.

Chris Brown Leather Jacket

No doubt this Chris Brown Leather jacket will make you look like a superstar. Chris Brown is currently one of the most successful musicians this season that usually appears in most occasions and his music video in this outstanding apparel. The jacket can give you a thousand of compliments because you will definitely stand out in crowds and parties.


(Christian Bale)Batman Dark Knight Leather Jacket

The Dark Knight jacket was inspired by Christian Bale in the movie “Dark Knight”. This jacket can boast your personality just like the superstars. This piece of leather jacket is designed by top class designers which makes it trendy this season. This Dark Knight Batman Jacket can bring the best outlook when combined with jeans and a pair of boots.

Aaron Cross Bouncy Legacy Leather Jacket

The Bouncy Legacy Leather Jacket is one of the toughest superstar inspired jacket. The jacket was inspired by Jeremy Renner in the movie Bouncy Legacy. The jacket is biker jacket which can also be worn casually