Will Smith Jacket

The jackets of celebrities which made trends this season

Every human being on earth wishes to look good, smart and beautiful? The movie stars and film idols have their own styles and preferences about leather jacket. After the successful journey of a movie the crazy fans not only follow the characters played by their adored idols; but also follow the trends of costumes, especially leather garments chosen by their idols. If you have recently enjoyed the movies, then you will get a hint about the trends of leather garment chosen by the stars and film idols.

For instance, “I am Legend” was a science fiction based horror film starred Will Smith  where is star appeared in leather garment costume. In this post-apocalyptic movies, Will Smith  played the role of the major protagonist Dr. Robert Neville. This movie made a great box-office hit and Mr. Smith is still being remembered for his excellent on-screen performance representing a guy who despite being the last human-being on earth, did every possible thing under his ability to prevent the contaminated mutants from extracting whatever small things are left from our mother planet earth. In this movie, the costumes worn by Mr. Smith got huge popularity among fans and got recognized as Will Smith jacket. To honor the film idol Mr. Smith, the leather garment fashion industry has produced apparel for his crazy fans and those jackets are called  ‘I am Legend jacket’. The design-cut and other fashion attributes of these attires were quite similar to the costumes worn Mr. Smith in his movie “I am Legend”.

These jackets are made out from Premium Quality totally real cowhide leather with no mix. However, these jackets are also available in the current fashion trend made out of the best quality of faux leather.

The best quality craftsmanship has been applied in the production of the leather jackets – worn by movie idol Will Smith – that has enabled this garment to open a new trend of fashion. The long length of these leather jackets has made it really attractive and the black color has added extra smartness to these garments. These jackets are long lasting and highly durable because of their high quality stitching, design-cut and leather selection. The unique feature of the will smith jacketis, its YKK buttons that declare the design touch of the top-level brand.

Moreover, this type leather made jacket has eye catching button closure system. The design cut of this jacket was more than smart considering fashion sense. Especially, the open bottom cuff designs have made this garment truly eligible garment for a movie idol. Another amazing feature of this leather jacket is, its masculine appearance, which have enhanced its appeal to the crazy fans of movie idol Will Smith. The sleeves of this Will Smith jacket include open hem cuff-designs, which have added forte in this garment. Two numbers of pockets placed on each of the waist area and chest area along with buttoned flaps have complemented the design-cut of this Blade leather jacket coat. These pockets will help the wearer to keep essential things inside the coat.

This leather blade jacket includes Standing up collar design along with adjustable  system buttoned strap, which provide the wearer a makeover comprised of magnificence along with the mystery. These jackets also contain Buckle fastener attached to the waistband region, which is quite different in comparison with other coats widely used by general people in normal lifestyle.