Harley Davidson Jacket

The latest designs in biker jackets brands- the new trends

Biker jackets are an iconic piece of fashion creation. This leather outfit was produced by Irving Schott in 1928. Brown was the most demanding color in the early years; however, black colored leather biker jackets captured the market in 1950s. In 1953, Marlon Brando took the biker jackets to a new height of fame through his film The Wild One.

A biker jacket depicts the owner’s personality. A biker leather jacket symbolizes toughness. Biker jackets are a great protection from weather, at the same time these jackets gives a stylish appearance to the bikers, and thus making the biking experience enjoyable. These jackets are not designed only for men; it is getting popular among women also. Biker jackets are on demand throughout the year as they are functional, as well as stylish.

From highway, the biker leather jackets first appeared in fashion platform in 1960 when Yves Saint Laurent first designed the jacket for general people. The biker jacket trend accelerated in the 1980s and much is credited to Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket which he wore in his musical video ‘Thriller’. There are many designer houses that manufacture biker leather jackets, but the name Harley Davidson stands out.

Harley Davidson jackets are manufactured mainly for the professional bikers. The concern for having safety gear in the jacket has created huge demand for this jacket. Harley Davidson jackets are even a popular choice for non-bikers due to its fashionable look. Harley Davidson jacket is a lifetime purchase. Classic style of this biker jacket has a simple logo near the sleeve. Modern trends are larger graphics of wings and skulls. Whichever style of jacket you choose, classic or modern, you will love your jacket for a lifetime.

Though black is the prominent color for biker jackets, other colors ranging from darker to lighter shades are becoming trendy. Lighter rock style biker leather jackets are on fashion. Designers are also putting all their imagination in designing the latest style biker jackets. Prints, studs and other embellishments on the jackets are in fashion now. Embellished biker leather jackets have turned heads of many fashion lovers. Biker leather jackets having sleeves with contrasting colors and fur collars give a modern look to this classic outfit. These jackets are often seen with embroidery and have a shiny appearance. Colored leather jackets in various textures give a different appeal. For example, black leather jackets can come in thick goat black, perforated black, wrinkled black or soft dull black texture. Other colored leather jackets with varying textures include: wrinkled brown, red python, soft French red, soft burnt orange and soft sea blue.

Leather is renowned for its timeless style. Leather gives its owner a luxurious feeling. Heavier material gives better protection from weather, whereas, lighter material like faux leather are good for hot weather. Some leather jackets have small holes which allow air to pass through and thus reduce the warm feeling. The classic black leather jacket can be worn any time of the year. The versatility of wearing a leather jacket lets a person with the least knowledge of fashion to look good.  Leather biker jacket reflects personality and class. Wearing a biker jacket gives confidence and is a sure head turner if carried on properly.