Honda Jackets

The shift from classic to trendy - The color of new branded biker jackets

Biker jackets normally portray the owner’s personality as being tough and rebellious. Biker jackets gained popularity when movie star Marlon Brando wore it the 1950s classic movie ‘The Wild One’. Later, Michael Jackson made it a must have by wearing a red biker jacket in his hit music video ‘Beat It’ and then ‘Thriller’. Movie stars like Tom Cruise and Leonardo Di Caprio has also showcased this iconic biker jacket in their blockbuster movies, thus making it a necessary piece in everyone’s wardrobe. This jacket continues to hold its tough guy image and remain in fashion throughout every season and years after years.

Biker jackets are versatile and classic of attire and it will remain so in future also. It is a good investment for a fashionable person. Even though primarily targeted for rock star or military people, biker jackets now are popular among regular people also.

The classic style of biker jackets has asymmetric zip, belted front and pockets. Big brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Dsquared2 still uses the classic touch in their design. They design biker jackets mostly in black and brown color. Modern trends include having perforations everywhere in the jacket, detailing applied to cut, detailing on shoulder and sleeves, ribbed stitching on shoulder and sleeve, embroidery on sleeves, etc. Black and brown are the classic colors. Modern colors are soft grey, khaki green, navy blue, red, white, burgundy, beige, metallic, etc. Some designers even use bold colors like orange and yellow. Graphics, logo, studs and other embellishments on the jackets are trendy. Embellished biker leather jackets have been appreciated by many fashion lovers. Biker leather jackets having sleeves with contrasting colors and fur collars are a twist on the classic outfit to give a modern look.

Honda jackets belong to the biker family; however, these are especially designed for those riding Honda. Like other biker jackets, these Honda jackets also provide protection from weather. Some of these jackets are waterproof, others and lining down their fleece providing insulation. There are many fashion houses that manufacture biker leather jackets; Harley Davidson is the king of them all. Harley Davidson jackets are mainly targeted for the professional bikers. The concern for having safety gear in the jacket has created huge demand for this jacket. This jacket’s fashionable look makes it popular among the non-bikers also.

Seeing the ever increasing demand for biker jackets, two renowned brands Matchless and Belstaff have concentrated their attention to biker jackets. They have realized the strong image of biker jackets and have decided to make this timeless attire their signature product. Other brands that design biker jackets include: Ermenegildo Zegna, John Richmond, Balmain, Diesel black gold, Kenzo, Schott, Roberto Cavelli and many more.

People find biker jackets so admiring that they are ready to pay a premium price for it. As big labels are now focusing their attention to biker jackets, features like quality materials, good craftsmanship, and aesthetic design are inevitable. These brands will create a balance between purpose and fashion, delivering a premium timeless fashion item to its customers. This jacket is perfect for any season and any occasion, provided appropriate material is chosen and the attire is worn in the perfect elegant manner. Otherwise, it can convey a bad fashion statement.