Womens Motorcycle Pants

What’s preferred in a pair of motorcycle pants by seasoned ladies biker.

Choosing a good biker pant implies a selection that doesn’t compromise with safety and at the same time adds a hell of a lot style value. Here are some of the pants that our lady friends have been keeping an interest on this time around:

     • Over pants: Over pants have been greatly preferred by bikers of both sexes this time around. Due to the fact that over pants are designed to simply fit over your clothes, they are a great addition. What more, them brands have been providing over pants with full ten inches zippers that connect the pants to the jacket? Over pants with padded hip protectors has been a great addition due to the fact that they assure them ladies of their safety.

     • Leather Pants: Yes, Leathers. They are the ultimate masters of biker gear. Leather pieces that have been specially designed for women are creating a great interest.

     • Textile Pants: Textile pants with a good decent amount of pockets have been in the keen interest of the ladies. Due to the comfort value it provides and the uncompromising looks it brings forth, they are being preferred continuously.

     • Denims: Denims for style and grace. Who would want to ignore those features?

That was all about the type of cloth used in making of those pants. Now let us take a look at some features that women motorcycle pants has gotten the ladies interested for:

     • Knee Protectors: Knee Protectors in all types of pants are a must. Regarding them, pants with an added knee flex zones and protection zones are preferred. Even Knee Sliders are of great interest.

     • Padding’s: Security has certainly been a thing of interest for them biker ladies. Pants with the availability of hip protection zones and various types of foam padding’s are being preferred. Women motorcycle Pants with integrated coccys and CE approved knees/ sheen protectors that promise to offer a lighter impact protection are among the few features that the ladies have preferred to have in their pants.

     • Color: Regarding the preferred color of the pants, the color chosen the most has necessary got to be black, due to its ‘vintage’ cool looks. The grace and style black color provides is unmatched and they are really the color to be running after.  Apart from the grace of black, the other colors that have been fascinating the ladies are: white, grey and silver. White overpant with black patches is certainly looking attractive and one that promises to make a lot of sell. Grey/Silver pants, be it textile or overpant has also been one that is providing the ladies with their supply of style and protection. Blue denims are another set of choice of preference among the ladies.

     • Windproof, breathable membrane technologies.

Those were the specific features. The other smaller features that are common in all types of above mentioned pants are the variety of seam (main) construction for high amount of resistance in terms of tear. Zippered Pockets for the security of assets have also been good consideration while selecting pants. Leather Pants with different types of lightweight calf cuffs have also been an inclusion that is being preferred. The other great thing about the pants with the features mentioned above is that these pants can be bought at a considerably reasonable price and are not too heavy on the purse too.