Biker Jacket

What attributes are a must in a biker jacket

There are multiple of biker jacket designs in the market today because of their popularity. It is therefore fundamental to select the type that fits perfectly well in order to stand out from the rest. Moreover there are attributes that all the biker jackets must have in order to be ranked as the best in the fashion world.

The distinct features

The distinct features that all the biker jackets should have include:

The collar

Each biker jacket has a different type of collar; there are those that are removable and there are those that are covered by faux fur while others are plain. It is therefore important to select the most appropriate leather jacket with the most comfortable collar. The collar of the jacket defines the outer look that you intend to present.

The biker jacket should fit perfectly well

It is important to select the biker jacket that fits well and the factors that present this fact include; the size and the colors that are available. It is therefore a must that the jackets are of certain sizes and colors.  There are several colors to select from; red, black, blue, grey, white among others. There are also different sizes that are available.

The front closure

The front closure of the leather jacket should either be zipped or buttoned. It is fundamental for the jacket to have a certain closure so that you can be comfortable enough. In addition, it gives extra warmth especially in the cold season. There are those whose front closure is open and they are preferable especially when it is warm.

The pockets

Some of the jackets have multiple pockets while others have single pockets. In addition the pockets are located on different parts, the closure of the pockets is different since they can be either buttoned or zipped.

The general features are evident in these types of leather jackets:

The biker jackets

The biker jacket is popular in this season because of their diversity and there are different trends that are available in the market. Some of the popular trends that are preferred include the quilted leather jacket. The biker jacket is made of quilted leather and it is multi sexual. Moreover the inner lining of the leather jacket is made of polyester and has two pockets. The front closure is zipped and the cuffs have studs. The collar has double buttons that act as the fastener and it has three pockets two on the waist line and one chest pockets that are zipped. The biker jacket has stripped lapels and a detachable armor on the shoulders, back and the ankles. There are several colors that you can select from; red, blue, brown, grey and black.

For the ladies, the latest trend is referred to as the flying biker leather jacket. The distinct features that make the jacket stand out include the thick wool lining on the collar that ensures gives you comfort especially in the cold season. In addition the inner lining is made of thick leather and this makes it appropriate especially in the winter. The other distinct features that make the jacket include the wool lining on the arms and the diagonal pockets with a touch of wool. The front closure is zipped and has an extra button at the edge of the faux collar.