Motorcycle Apparel

Motor apparel trends this Fall-Winter collection for seasoned bikers

It’s hard to believe that summer has already ended; only recently, the motorcycle apparel trends have spun on the lightweight and breezy jackets. Now, it’s time to check out what’s in stored for seasoned bikers this fall to winter. Topping the list for the trendiest gear this season are the camouflage printed biker jeans. There is no question why since Military inspired fashion have freshly hit the runways.

This is probably drawn from Hollywood war films that were shown this fall.  Printed jeans go well will your black leather biker jacket and a sturdy pair of military boots. A biker jacket is probably one thing you would be wearing all throughout the season.

Apart from the classic black, the hottest colours for menthis fall-winter collection are wine reds and navy blue. Women can play along with these colours as well as with the hot pastels like pink, ivory and mint green. Leather biker jackets for the cold winter have shearling in-linings that blend edginess and elegance in one piece. Seasoned bikers and fashionistas alike are hooked on the sexy appeal of biker themed attire. Buckles, zips and leather boots ruled the runways.

The punk rebellious trends continually revolve around fashion.There seems to be no season without studs and embellishments adorned on typical motorcycle apparel. But did you know that there is so much more for this season to crave for? Motor apparels from shirts to headgears come with the hottest prints you will find like the plaid patterns, digital, psychedelic and of course the soldierly camouflage prints.

Biker jeans had improved in so many ways. Motorcycle jeans are becoming more stylish with the interesting patterns as well as incorporating a waterproof technology. The denim fabric looks just as hip you wouldn’t think it’s equipped for safety.

Since the weather is still in the process of transition, you will enjoy trying on most of these new things in different styles and colours. But over the next several weeks, you need to gear up for the desolate and cold winter days. And for that, you will be wearing mostly black from head to foot. You also need to get those heat plugs ready to take with you along with your heated jackets and gloves. If you want to wear the exciting patterns, you can opt to wear them underneath. Perhaps you can buy accessories like belt bags, backpacks, side bags and neck warmers that have the kaleidoscopic patterns.

Seasoned bikers already know how cold it can get on a very wintry day. It is quite challenging to put fashion above everything when you’re out in the cold with just a motorbike. In fact, there will be nights or even days when you would rather stay home near your cozy fireplace. You might even put on a fleece over or under your biker jacket just to fight off the chills when you’re out there in the middle of the road unsheltered.

Putting layers and layers of clothes underneath is normally done underneath your biker gear. Rain suits are also useful to lessen the wind that goes in. It’s time to put aside those stylish sunny shades and use those goggles with anti-fog solutions. Some even carry hot beverage with them and have those beverage holders mounted ready. When looking for motorcycle apparel this season, you might as well put comfort on top of your list.