Motorcycle Clothing

The latest trends of biker gears- what changed over the year?

Biker gears have always fascinated people and still continue to do so. Due to the fact that they can be worn for style and safety purpose, these gears are preferred by people who want to make some kind of fashion-statement or for people who really want to hit the streets in their beasts. With the change in types of bikes and their engines, capacities and even roads, biker gears have changed too, floating together with the evolution of motorbikes.

A lot of styles have been tested and tried but a gear that amuses people with its looks plus with the safety it provides is the one that adapts and is preferred by people to large extent.

For example, take a motorcycle clothing style of leather jackets, they used to be simple, with simple zippers and some logos at large, but these days you can find leather jackets of various crazy designs and features that can amaze and amuse you at the same time.

Motorcycle clothing: Motorcycle clothing has seen a lot of change over the years. What once used to be simple organisms of leathers and boots now have turned into heavy dressing monsters with amazing technological features added in them. Take for instance, the warmer jackets that have been gaining popularity in the market place. These jackets come with rechargeable batteries which allow ten hours of backup ride in the streets. You can find various leather jackets with designs and wear resistance formulas. Other varieties in jackets include simple textile jackets and mesh jackets. To look at in a nutshell the most astonishing changes that jackets have seen over the years that are considered trendy include air and water proof jackets, warmers, various leather designs, sanctuary jackets etc.

Motorcycle clothing pants have also evolved quite a lot over the years. Like jackets pants have also adapted to changing motorbikes and scenarios. Waterproof, ‘air resistance’ pants are normal these days. One can find riding jeans, leathers, and textiles in terms of fabric used for motorcycle pants. Pants with insulated thermal warmer for winters are among the latest trending pants, waterproof pants are another addition among the trend setters. Along with pants for warmth, pants with ventilated zippers are also among the trend setters. Pants come with various pockets and a waist zipper that enable it to be connected with the jackets.

Motorcycle Boots: Motorcycle boots too have different new additions in them from what once was. Some new features in the boots segment include the TPR ankle and toe protectors, mesh liners (breathable) and internal heels and toe counter are included inside of the microfiber. These shoes provide extra comfort while riding as they include various types of soles for additional comfort.

Even leather boots that once used to be nothing but raw heavy leathers have seen a lot of change. The leather boots are constructed with water-repellent leathers. Some common features found in all types of leather boots include, thermoformed toe, slip and heel cap. The sole’s of these boots are constructed of rubber while the outer shell is constructed of cent percent leather. Boots with a lot of designs and a lot of variety at that can be found which take a lot of time can discuss.

Other changes in gloves or protective gears can also be seen vividly as the protective gears seem to be more inclined towards zero damage to the riders. Back Protectors, knee guards, armored vests/shorts are ones to name a few.