Womens Motorcycle Gear

What biker gear ladies prefer and what new trends available this season

Is your closet already set for the cold? As winter approaches, ladies are gearing up for the season that would last for several months. The style for this ephemeral period of autumn to winter goes to the chic biker getup. There are many new styles that adorn a classic winter coat, but since it’s not yet time to put on so many layers, a leather jacket will do. Ladies prefer a motorcycle leather jacket for its warmth, elegance and style. Females of all ages, body shapes and sizes are quite impressed with the look of womens motorcycle gear. Whether they wear it for riding or merely by fashion, the cold weather signals that it’s time for them to pile up their wardrobe with one of these. But did you know the other styles that are hot this season?

Cropped jackets

A typical biker jacket is designed with cropped waist cuts. It goes well with your fitted tops to show off those curves. It hangs slightly above your waist. If you want to look hot this season, grab one with effervescent colours. The most sought after colours for this season are emerald green, electric blue and velvety red.


A bomber jacket is another trend this season. It has a vintage charminspired by the jackets worn by pilots in fighter jets eighty years ago. Today, a bomber jacket usually comes with shearlings to keep you warmer. Beyond its rugged appearance, the soft fur linings bring out an air of elegance. You can have this vintage style jacket in black or brown, as it usually remains a classic style.

Bell Coats

This coat looks like a bell at the bottom. The unusual shape is flattering and goes well with slim pants and high heels. It can make you look slimmer just like wearing flared pants. There is something retro about this coat. Why not make the most out of it by incorporating your look with bohemian style?


This style looks very classy with its drape billowing a mysterious silhouette. It comes with big buttons that looks smart and sophisticated. If you want to radiate an enigmatic charm, wearing a cape simply does it for you this winter. This coat looks amazing in black or red. If you want to look immaculately mysterious, you can opt for white.

Trench Coats

This long coat come in various lengths that falls to your knee or even just below your hip. Wearing it with trousers and miniskirts at the office can look formal. Trench coats go well with boots and miniskirts hidden above it. In fact, you can wear a trench coat in so many ways because it’s designed like a rain suit. It sort of goes well with just about anything underneath.

Overstated coats

If you think that oversized coats belongs to the homeless or those who sleep in the streets, think twice now. Oversized jackets and coats are in mode. At least for this season! Did you know that you could still ooze a polished appearance even if your blazer is larger than life? It’s just a matter of how you carry it. But this flamboyant shape and style don’t go well for anyone. Tall and slim body frames usually don this jacket with style. This is probably why the most preferred trend for this season goes to womens motorcycle gear.