Leather Vest For Men

New trends of designs and colours for for men leather vests

The term vest refers to a sleeveless type garment, which is to worn on the upper portion of the body. Vest garments can be made of diverse fabrics, among them leather vests have gained worldwide popularity among the fashion conscious men.

Cowhide Leather Made Vest in Armour Style

At the latest fashion trend leather vests are available in the padded armour material along with gorgeous style.  These vests are produced from hundred percentages of high quality premium cowhide Leather. These types leather vests offer every design detail provided by any quality and standard category bulletproof garment. However, this vest provides its bulletproof facility without making the garment too much heavier. This leather vest is comfortable to wear. Moreover, the adjustable strap and shoulder tabs additions have made these vests ideal for the stylish men for wearing over their t-shirts or heavier jackets. Adding to these, these armour vests also offer velcro closure type chest pockets that are placed the front-side of the chest region and slanted zipped pockets in the inside-area. The design-cut of these vests is amazing; as they come with fully lined polyester satin fabric.

Black Leather Vests with Snap Button & Lace

This category of leather vest for men offers exclusive design cut in gorgeous black color. These leather vests offer higher durability; as these have been produced from thick and standard quality cowhide leather. The attachments of four Snap-button closures at the front-side  as well as interior areas of the vest have given the vests an amazing look. The single-panel type backside has added style to these vests. These garments are ideal for the club patches. These leather vests offer front-side vertical pockets with zip system. Another amazing attribute of these vests is the adjustable stylish side laces. The design-cut of these vests includes polyester lined satin fabric. The structure of these vests has been supported with YKK hardware.

Premium Leather Vests with 10 Pocket System

The most amazing feature of these vests is ample of spaces offered tactically inside the vest area. The bikers usually require a range of items, such as, keys, cell phones, wallets, etc. to carry with them during their rides. Therefore, the bike riders can try the black colored leather vests that offers about ten pockets. Moreover, the attractive lace-style design additions tie-up the vest-sides for securing the safety of the wearers. These vests are produced from hundred percentages of genuine leather. Among the ten pockets, two zipped style pockets are placed in the outer portion of the vests; two serve as outer pockets; two serve as inner zipped pockets; two serve as inner pockets; two Snap Button Pockets serve as inner pockets and rest two are Inner Patch style Pocket.

Black Leather Vest in Perforated Design Style

This category leather vests offer attractive perforated design styles. The black color adds an extra style to the appearance of this category leather vest for men. These vests are produced from totally real cowhide leather that offers standard quality and thick-width. The durability of these products is above question. The amazing attribute of these vests are ergonomic triple layered velcro strap stylish designs both sides of the products that also ensure comfortable fits to the wearers. The advanced and easily removable black colored armour-system will make the wearer look dashing. The sleek design cut along with low collar style has made these black leather vest for men quite different from regular vest garments. These vests also offer bulletproof feature with a easy front-zipped closure system. The front-side zipper pockets help the wearers to put essential things. The polyester mesh featured linings have complemented the design of these leather made vests.