Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest

Which branded leather vests are most popular this season and why?

It is winter and it is time to look for serious leathers for comfort and style. Leathers provide you warmth and a good outlook. You can find different forms of leather apparels with different features but when it comes to leather vests, things get a bit tight as few brands bring them into the scene. Leather vests are typical motorcyclist wears as we may have seen macho guys with big bikes sport them in real life as well as in the screens, most popularly in sons of anarchy leather vest and who can forget Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Let us turn our attention towards few such leather vests which have been warming up the fashion world of vest fanatics. These are wears from rather popular brands:

     • Harley Davidson has been bringing out a lot of leather vests this time around.  They have a hell of a lot of varieties in their vests. Let us try and note out few special features in them.

They have produced a lot of black leather vests (no doubt why). The most popular of them are ones that are of rather smaller size for tight fit wear. Buttoned vests are the popular ones, not top to bottom but from bottom to about chest area. These Harley Davidson vests are popular not just because of their brand name but also due to the fact that they produce these wears keeping their riders in mind and how could that not be a good combination?

     • Apart from the four buttoned ones, five buttoned ones with two special pockets are also the famous ones; these are brought forward by Diamond Plate. Their vintage cut and additional buttons for possibly, warmth are the reasons why people are choosing their brands for motorbike leather vests.

     • When it comes to the recent leather vest fascination, no other show or medium than sons of anarchy leather vest have had more to say. There is a wide fascination with these SOA leather vests. SOA vests with five buttoned closure are the more famous ones most notably worn by Jax from the very show. Other SOA popular leather vests would be ones that are chained up top to bottom and have few patches on them. SOA leather vests are manufactured by varieties of brands.

     • Xelement has brought forward an unique style of motorbike leather vests : bulletproof style. Their bulletproof vests provide great bulletproof jacket look and feel without them bulks. The straps in them jackets have allowed these jackets flexibility to be worn over a simple t-shirt, shirt or even heavy jackets. Their bulletproof jackets are manufactured from 100 percent pure leather and most of them popular ones contain a full zip closure and different interior and concealed pockets. The reason why their vests have been gaining wide popularity is due to the comfort and style they provide together as promised. The bulletproof styled street vest has managed to gain a wide attention among leather vest fanatics due to its uniqueness.

     • USA leathers have also brought about some vests that have been gaining widespread popularity among vest wearers. A certain jacket of their crafted from soft leather (lightweight) has managed to be their top selling item. They are classic styled vests and come in with front buttoned closure. They contain couple of front pockets and a concealed pocket.

There are more brands apart from the ones mentioned but these brands have been the most popular ones and best ones to invest in.