Mens Suede Jacket

Suede as anew trend for this season- The most popular jacket trends

As said by the Starks of Winter fell from the hit series “Game of Thrones” ; winter is coming, and the season brings along its own unique sense of fashion. Expect to see a lot of unique fashion statements being made this season; so what if you can’t show people what clothes you are actually wearing because you will be covered with layers upon layers of heavy material, at the end of the day,what matters is that you can do so with style. Probably the most important article of winter clothing is the jacket. We have seen plenty of shapes and sizes where jackets are concerned, from Lady Gaga’s weird straight jacket style trench coat, to John Travoltas hunky biker’s jacket in Grease.Let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated jackets this season:

The Leather jacket:

With a trend originating from the hit 1978 movie Grease, and extending onwards to theIndiana Jones franchise, this jacket trend is most popular amongst those men who want to look stylish, while maintaining a serious fashion tone at the same time. Made from treated bull, cow, sheep, or lamb skin, expect to see this jacket being worn by a number of people this season, especially men.

The Hoody

This cotton jacket with a built in hood made for protecting your head against the cold is most popular amongst teenagers and people who are just looking for something comfortable to wear, though it can be said that doing so can potentially sacrifice an individual’s style, but that is rather debatable.

The Suede Jacket

Yes, leather has been mentioned before, but this type of leather deserves a category all its own. One cannot go wrong with suede. A type of leather which is soft to the touch, and velvety and fibrous in nature, this material is liked and endorsed by many celebrities and designers like Pharrell (who can be spotted wearing a dashing mens suede jacket quite a few times at popular Hollywood affairs). This leather jacket, which projects a lighter tone than traditional Nubuck leather, and with, a lighter ‘attitude’, is mid ranged, stylish, and comfortable, all at the same time. Guys should try not to pass the opportunity to dawn a mens suede jacket this season.

It remains to be seen what men and women will actually go for in terms of preferences, but one thing can be said for certain; the trend won’t be limited to just one type of jacket, but a whole plethora of winter clothing, and everybody’s true creativity in terms of fashion individuality will shine just like the star on top of your drawing room Christmas tree. People are going to go all out by dressing up fashionably, but trying to look aesthetically sharp at the same time, and not just with jackets. Boots, scarves, wool caps, you name it, everyone will try to customize their own attire by experimenting with different choices and combinations of clothing. This season is colored by the suede clothing and you should not leave behind.

The Trench Coat;

This is a long coat that extends even below the knees and is usually made from raw hide, with a line of buttons thatis situated right in the middle of the coat. This is the most common type of jacket that will be seen in winters, though not the most sought after.