Suede Jackets For Women

Leather jackets- why classic is boring this season

Leather jackets is one of the oldest fashions which ahs been existence for celebrities. Leather jackets provide warmth, durability, and protection from rain, wind and cold winter. The classic leather jackets are most for safety purpose. Although leather jackets were considered to be protective gears, the attires can be worn as fashion cloths. There are different types of leather jackets in the market, the motorcycle leather jackets which is mostly for safety, the bomber leather jackets for keeping you warm in cold season and leather jackets for fashion statement.

However, this season it’s advised to avoid the classic jackets and embrace the fashion statement leather jackets. The classic leather jackets were more of safety jackets than fashion statement. There are many reasons why ladies don’t prefer classic leather jackets this season, ladies are always fashion-conscious and choosy and  they consider classic leather jackets to be boring because o f following reasons:

• The classic leather jackets are consider to be uninspiring

• Classic leather jackets like the bomber jackets are considered to be masculine than feminine.

• Classic leather jackets are convectional

• Girls consider classic leather jackets to be conservative

• Classic leather jacket this season are considered to be old fashioned

Many classical leather jackets were inspired from the 1950’s actors like the Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and James Dean. These jackets are made from materials which can make them last over many years, so there is that fear of wearing them and look old-fashioned. Furthermore, most ladies prefer lightweight fitting clothes, but the classic leather jackets were baggy and slightly heavier. Here are some o f the jackets embraced by women this season

Eel skin jackets

The recent designs in fashion have developed jackets using materials that moved away from the classical bovine leather materials to use eco friendly materials. The designed nowadays use hides from eel skin, this leather material is preferred by women because its sot and durable. The trending jackets made from this eel skin produce garments which are soft and have vibrant color.

Suede Leather jackets

Another trending jacket which is loved by the women this season is the suede jackets for women. This is one of the posh jackets for women who don’t love the classic inspired jackets.

The suede leather jackets for women are made from supple fabric, which is soft and stylish. The jacket mostly comes in beige and brown. The new designs of this jacket are suitable for women who love fashion.

Faux leather Jackets

The faux leather jacket is trending attire this season. Many stylish ladies are seen in the streets in this marvelous faux jacket. This faux jacket is one of the most sought after jackets by women because of their styles which are mostly feminine designed. The jacket is suitable for many body type and shape, and can also be paired with other clothes easily.

The Urban Hooded Women Leather Jacket

The black hooded leather jacket is another trending garment this season. The jacket is designed by including a detachable hood which will cover your head and protect you from the cold. The hooded leather jacket is embraced by many ladies celebs and models. The design is so amazing that will make ladies look not only stylish but magnificent. The jacket can be combined with jeans and boots and leather hand clutch bag.